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Dr Samantha Porter

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Senior Lecturer in Design Ergonomics

Dr Samantha Porter is a fellow of the Ergonomics Society and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.   She has a background in ergonomics, applied psychology and design ergonomics.

She has published research on communication problems between ergonomists and designers, designing vehicles from the ‘inside-out’, the use of CAD in the automotive design process, product pleasure, tools and methods for designing for emotion and the design of the person/product interface of medical/medical related products and personalisation and product attachment. Her recent research projects have been funded by the AHRC, the EU and EPSRC and have involved a variety of industrial partners. Additionally she heads the local UK chapter of the Design & Emotion Society.

She is a member of the AHRC Peer Review College and is a regular reviewer for a number of journals and conferences including the Design Journal and Applied Ergonomics.

  • DSA003 Design Contexts
  • DSA101 Ergonomics and Design
  • DSB108 Cognitive Ergonomics
  • DSB119  User Experience Design
  • DSC021 Dissertation
  • DSC009 Industrial Design Studies 3

Dr Samantha Porter's current research interests include product pleasure, tools and methods for designing for emotion, the design of the person/product interface of medical / medical related products,  personalisation and product attachment leading to sustainability and the design of bereavement services.   She supervises a number of student projects and PhDs in the area of her current research interests.

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  • Porter, C.S., Porter, J.M. and Chhibber, S., ''RealPeople; capturing the emotions of product users'', in Meeting Diversity in Ergonomics, Pikar, R. (ed), Elsevier Books, September 2007, pp 187-208, ISBN 978-0-0804-5373-6

  • Porter, C.S., Desmet, P.M.A., Signes, M.J., Sperling, L., Ozcan, E. and Tito, M., ''ENGAGE: designing for emotion'', Proceedings of IEA2006 Congress, Pikaar, R.N., Koningsveld, E.A.P. and Settels, P.J.M. (eds), Elsevier, International Ergonomics Association Triennial Congress, Maastricht, The Netherlands, 2006, ISSN: 0003-6870, [CD-ROM]

Key areas of expertise: personalisation and product attachment leading to sustainability; product pleasure; tools and methods for designing for emotion; designing for emotion; the design of the person/product interface of medical / medical related products; the design of bereavement services.