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Preethi Rajaprakasam MA Design Management (University of Southampton, UK), B.Sc Interior Design (University 2nd Rank holder, India)

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PhD Student

Preethi is an Interior Design graduate with a Master’s Degree in Design Management from the University of Southampton. She also holds a Professional Certificate in Architecture and Computer Aided Design and Drafting from University of Arts London.

She has hands-on experience in Design of high-end luxury bespoke homes with a conceptual approach and Management of all her projects simultaneously. She is also experienced in start-up businesses. Much of her projects are patiently and meticulously crafted to enhance human perception of bliss and value notions of beauty, meaning and the luxury of content rather than luxurious material. She is also experienced working with IBM as a part of her MA program in User Interface design.

Research group: Sustainable Design Research Group

Preethi is currently undertaking a PhD at Loughborough University with a key interest in identifying the overlap of Sustainable development and Luxury and provide guidance to the global luxury brands for a responsible production and consumption of their products due to a high demand from developing countries. The aim of her research is to provide guidance for responsible value chain and engagement of local communities of more ethical and value oriented luxury products.

Dr. Vicky Lofthouse

Dr. Erik Bohemia

Sustainable luxury: Enabling Luxury brands as a catalyst for Social change.

Methods and tools for Sustainable Development, Corporate Sustainability, Global Luxury Markets, Luxury value perception, Counterfeit Production, Responsible Value Chain, Consumer Behaviour.