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Mevra Temel

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PhD Student

Mevra is from Erzurum in Turkey and began her education at Ataturk University attaining a BSc. and MSc. in Industrial Engineering. In 2017 Mevra attended the University of Liverpool where she completed an MSc. In Product Design and Management with a final project focused on the “Conceptualisation, design, and development of a disability grabber aid”.

In January 2019, Mevra joined the Loughborough Design School to commence her PhD studies funded via a Republic of Turkey, Ministry of National Education scholarship.

Mevra’s research is focused on assessing the physical and thermal comfort of current protective solutions, with a view to enhancing the design of current and future-focused body armour.  Mevra is an active member of both the Environmental Ergonomics Research Group, and Design for Digital Fabrication Research Group.

Understanding and enhancing the physical performance, thermal comfort, and design of current and additive manufactured protective clothing.

View the DesRes 2020 online proceedings here.

Area of expertise include: Industrial Engineering, 3D Printing, Friction, Environmental Ergonomics, Product Design & Management