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Callie Merrick

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PhD student

Multisensory, perception, wetness.

Originally from Awali, Bahrain, Callie studied at Keel Univeristy BSc (Hons) Biology and Forensic Science, and received her First-Class degree in 2016. Whilst studying, Callie also worked as a laboratory assistant at the Lennard-Jones Laboratories, University of Keele , gaining a varied experience and invaluable knowledge. The University of Keel also granted Callie with The Royal Society of Biology Top Student Award and Forensic Science Academic Achievement Award. 

She then went on to further studies at Canterbury University, obtaining a Distinction in MSc Forensic Science, before starting her PhD at the Design School.

The PhD research focusses on the multisensory integration of stimuli involved in wetness perception, with an application to absorbency products. This enhanced studentship is co-funded by Loughborough University and Procter and Gamble.

Dr Davide Filingeri

Professor Sue Hignett

Multisensory integration of stimuli involved in wetness perception.

View the DesRes 2020 online proceedings here.