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Dr Mark Evans

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Reader in Industrial Design

Mark Evans is a Reader in Industrial Design with research interests in digital design tools, the development of resources to enhance professional practice, and the use of design practice to support data collection. Before joining Loughborough University, positions were held as a corporate and consultant industrial designer specialising in consumer products. A significant amount of industrial design practice continued during his early academic career through Loughborough University Enterprises Limited, undertaking consultancy for clients that include British Airways, Unilever, British Gas, Honda and Boots. Following the award of a PhD through part-time study that was the first to integrate the design of consumer products to support data collection, responsibility has been taken for the supervision/examination of 25 doctoral candidates. A track record in the use of visually creative design practice to support data collection has led to the creation of the Design Practice Research (DPR) Case Studies website for PhD students and supervisors that has become a key resource for scholars in the field.


Teaching focuses on the core capabilities of industrial design, including a hands-on approach to the use/theory/critique of sketching; with related international roles as a visiting professor, external examiner and programme review committee member. Research has exploited a commitment and passion for professional practice, using insights gained as a practitioner to ensure relevance and maximise impact through a diverse range of media that are in addition to academic journal publication (i.e. app, web site, video, patent, museum/gallery exhibition, physical cards, PDF download and design award. A significant outcome from this approach has been the iD Cards app-based design tool that was developed/validated/promoted through collaboration with the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) and adapted to define the nature of the profession on its re-launched 2015 website. Selected as an Impact Case Study for the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF), the iD Cards app has been actively promoted by prominent not for profit design organisations that include the German Design Council, Design Institute of Australia, British Industrial Design Association, Design Denmark, Brazilian Association of Designers and Finnish Association of Designers. More recently, a three month exhibition at the National Centre for Craft and Design (NCCD) explored the use of 3D concrete printing for street furniture design. The Concrete Innovation exhibition ran from December 2015 to February 2016 with 10159 recorded visitors.


A diverse range of research council, professional society, corporate, government department and academic funding has generated over 100 publications with research appointments that include membership of the Arts and Humanities Research Council Peer Review College; visiting professor at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD); editorial board member for two academic journals; and International Scholar at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


  • Year 1 Design Practice DTA001
  • Year 1 Design Practice DTA002
  • Year 2 Design Practice DTB001
  • Final Year Design Practice DTC015

Leader of the Design Practice Research Group with interest in design methods, digital tools and practice-based research.

Member of the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Peer Review College.

A background in and passion for professional industrial design practice has had a significant impact on research activity, with external funding being received for the development of methods/tools and introduction of industrial design capability within commercial organisations.

External sources of funding for academic research (excluding industrial design consultancy) have been received from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI); Arts and Humanities Research Council; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Research Councils UK; Hewlett Packard USA; and Royal Academy of Engineering.

Research activity and professional practice has resulted in over 90 publications.

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