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Marie Lefebvre BA (Hons) Marketing Northampton University, Mdes Design for Innovation and Sustainability Cranfield University

Photo of  Marie Lefebvre

Marie holds a MDes in Design for Innovation and Sustainability from Cranfield University where she investigated designer’s skills and abilities for facilitating the transition towards the Circular Economy. She then focused  her attention to grassroots and community building schemes to engage users with sustainable practices and worked in the last 4 years with local and national outreach communities and campaigning initiatives in Leicestershire. In relation with her current research interests to do with repair, she organised the first Green Festival of Making and Mending in Leicester in 2015 and she continue to organise multiple repair events in the local area.

Research Group : Sustainable Design Research Group

Research group: Human Factors in Complex Systems.

Marie Lefebvre is undertaking a Ph.D at Loughborough Design School, Loughborough University under Design Star AHRC funding stream. As part of her Ph.D research, Marie is investigating user’s repair propensity and the process of change in trying to repair electrical items to support the transition towards a circular economy.

An investigation of users’ repair propensity to inform design for sustainable behaviour interventions for the transition towards a circular economy

Her research expertise encompass consumer behaviour, design for sustainable behaviour, whole system thinking, design for repair and the role of users within the circular economy