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Lindsay D'Arcy

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PhD student

Lindsay is from a fashion design and garment making background, having studied her postgrad at Central St Martins where she merged both fashion and health disciplines to develop resistance integrated clothing. She then completed an MRes in Healthcare & Design at the Royal College of Arts and Imperial College London. Lindsay’s PhD involves studying the physiological effects of clothing and designing functional clothing to enhance metabolic consumption. 

Principal research activities and interests:

Measuring the physiological effects of clothing 

Studying textile properties that contribute to increasing metabolic consumption

Developing clothing designs that increase metabolic consumption and thus, contribute to weight loss maintenance

To maintain a stable body weight, energy intake must equal energy expenditure, however sedentary lifestyles have greatly reduced metabolic consumption i.e. the rate in which the body burns calories. Whilst physical activity proves effective for increasing metabolic consumption, vigorous bouts of exercise are not enjoyed by all and thus, Lindsay’s research aims to develop functional clothing to increase metabolic consumption. It involves cross-discipline research between; clothing design, physiology, exercise and biomechanics.

View the DesRes 2020 online proceedings here.

Fashion design, functional clothing design, garment making, design for enhancing metabolic consumption.