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Laurence Clift

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Senior Lecturer

Programme Director BSc Ergonomics

Laurence joined ESRI (then ICE Ergonomics) in 1986 as an Accident Investigator evaluating the performance of vehicles in real-world road accidents. He has also been involved in studies relating to the safety of light and heavy goods vehicles.

In 1993 he moved into the Applied Ergonomics Centre, and has since been involved in several long term studies, including the performance of cycle lighting, safety of ladders, problems with self assembly and second-hand cycles, and the safety of rear mounted cycle racks.

Laurence has completed an extensive study into assessment of vehicle controls and displays as part of the New Car Assessment Programme (PNCAP), and an evaluation of the crew workstations on the new RNLI offshore lifeboat. A large part of his work also involved individual appraisals for civil and criminal prosecution cases, where he provided expert witness services.

Most recently Laurence has been involved with the evaluation of medical devices, including hospital operating theatre tables and theatre lighting.

  • MPB106 - Packaging design
  • MPC105 - Legal framework to the design of products and workplaces
  • MPC118 - Product Design and failure
  • MPP140 - Materials sustainability and the environment
  • HUC103 - Driver and vehicle ergonomics

Research Group: User Centred Design.

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