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Professor Ken Eason

Photo of Professor Ken Eason

Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Ergonomics

Ken Eason graduated in psychology from Brunel University in 1968 and obtained a PhD at Loughborough University in management decision-making in 1981.  In 1994 he was awarded an Honorary DSc by Chalmers University, Gothenburg in Sweden. 

He became a lecturer at Loughborough in 1971 and before his retirement in 2002 he was Director of the HUSAT Research Institute, Head of the Department of Human Sciences and Director of the Research School in Ergonomics and Human Factors. Since 2002 he has remained an active researcher and a supervisor of PhD students.

Research Group: Human Factors and Complex Systems

Research Interests

Sociotechnical systems theories of work organisation. The impact of new technology on people at work. User-centred, participative and sociotechnical approaches to the implementation of IT systems and organisational change.

His current research interest is the adoption of electronic patient record systems in the National Health Service and their role in the integration of health and social care for the elderly.

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