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Jack McGhee MChem – Chemistry

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PhD Student

Jack grew up in Lancashire and graduated from Loughborough University in June 2015 with an MChem in Chemistry, he is currently undertaking his PhD at Loughborough Design School. His main research project is using conductive transparent metal oxides to make current technology sustainable and to develop new technology. He is also working on 3D printed sensing devices and embedded intelligence in a collaborative grant. 

Research groups: Energy Research Laboratory, Sustainable Manufacturing of Transparent Conducting Oxides, Design for Digital Fabrication

Jack’s PhD work is split between the Design School and the Energy Research Laboratory (Chemistry) working in conjunction with the Chemistry Department, Wolfson School of Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing and University College London. The main focus of the research is finding suitable alternatives to Indium Tin Oxide which is used in displays, touch screens and solar cells.

The aim of the research is to develop manufacturing methods and applications for conductive transparent metal oxides that use earth abundant elements. These materials are then applied to current technology and are used to develop more advanced / new devices. Jack is currently developing transparent and 3D printed sensing devices for embedded intelligence applications.

Sustainable Manufacturing, Design and Applications of new Transparent Conducting Oxides

Key areas of expertise: Printed Electronics, Materials Chemistry, Embedded Intelligence, Sensors, Sustainable Chemistry, Manufacturing, 3D Printing, Flexible and Transparent Electronics, Programming and Machine Learning