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Dr Hyosun Kwon

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Dr Hyosun Kwon gained both BSc and MSc in Industrial Design at KAIST in South Korea. While at KAIST, she became fascinated about Tangible Interaction Design that allows us to move digital contents beyond screens and also, frees human hands from mouse and keyboard. With an extended passion for multidisciplinary nature of Human-Computer Interaction, she moved to the UK to pursue PhD at the University of Nottingham. She joined Mixed Reality Lab (MRL) in the School of Computer Science, where she explored how ephemerality can enhance common and ordinary digital user experience. For her PhD, she studied user experiences in the digital gift exchange and proposed a framework of gift exchange process with various types of ephemeral wrappings for digital gift. During her PhD, she also worked as a research intern at Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK.

After completing her PhD, Hyosun continued to explore design implications in our everyday use of IoT devices, Ubiquitous Computing technology. Following this, she took up Lecturer position at Loughborough with an ambition to bring HCI perspective into the field of Design and feedback to design education. 

DSA004 Technology in Industrial Design

DSB Industrial Design Studies 2

Hyosun’s research interest lies within three areas: User Research, Design (prototyping), and Deployment study. She is passionate about looking into the human life and engage with our real-world problems. Before joining Loughborough Design School, Hyosun involved in EPSRC funded projects as a research fellow at University of Nottingham.

  • Ubiquitous Computing Enabled Design (EP/N005945/1):  investigating how can data collected from our everyday practice feedback to design manufacturing process of fast moving consumer goods, in the context of daily shower.
  • OpenKitchen (EP/K014234/1):  Prototyping open innovation platform for ICT enabled manufacturing process.

Hyosun is open to interdisciplinary research collaboration, so if you are interested in studying real-world problems with designerly ways of thinking, please do not hesitate to contact.

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Prototyping, Tangible Interaction Design, Human-Computer Interaction, Industrial Design