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Hua Sha

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PhD Student

Hua holds a BEng in Civil Engineering from Chongqing University in China. Hua also holds an MSc in Sustainable Transport and Travel Planning from Loughborough University.

Hua worked as an Urban & Transport Planning Officer in China before she moved to the UK. She has tremendous amount of interest in modern transport system and mobility which has led her to pursue an academic career in this area.

Research group: mini-Centre for Doctoral Training (mini-CDT) in Automatic Transport Systems.

Hua is currently undertaking a PhD at Loughborough University Design School with a key interest in predicting the future impact of Autonomous Vehicles on mobility, road safety and environment. The aim of her research is to evaluate the operation and future impact of Autonomous vehicles in the transition phases and develop a statistical model to predict the outcomes.

Professor Pete Thomas (Design School)

Dr Marcus Enoch (School of Civil and Building Engineering)

Predict the outcomes for Autonomous Vehicles - To investigate the system levels, costs and benefits involved in the transition phases from manual to autonomous vehicles. 

Key areas of expertise: Transport System, Mobility, Urban Planning, Autonomous Vehicles, Statistical Modelling