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Jan Healey

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Postgraduate Researcher

I am an occupational therapist and a graduate ergonomist. Much of my working experience has been in the statutory sector, working with adults with physical disabilities.

My main area of expertise and interest is manual handling and ergonomics having completed an MSc in Ergonomics in Health & Community Care in 2015. I started a full time PhD with the design school in July 2019 with the main focus on the quality and safety risks of social care commissioned home care support for older people.

Working as part of the Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health and Social Care Hub, Jan's main area of research is Human Factors in Adult Social Care and Health.

Provisional title is ‘Making Home Care Safer’. My research focus is home care support for older people in the UK, specifically investigating how home care packages of support are commissioned. The research will explore how home care support is set up and delivered using  a human factors approach, work-as-imagined in relation to work-as-done.

View the DesRes 2020 online proceedings here.

Occupational Therapy in Adult Social Care, Manual handling.