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Dr Gyuchan Thomas Jun

Photo of Dr Gyuchan Thomas Jun

Senior Lecturer

Thomas is an educator, researcher and design facilitator working in a broad field of human factors, engineering design and service design. He is particularly interested in integrating systems thinking, design thinking and risk-based thinking into complex system/service design practices.

He was trained as an engineer, but has been an interdisciplinary researcher with the intention of bridging various disciplines. Thomas holds a bachelor degree (1995) and master’s degree (1997) in mechanical engineering, both from Yonsei University, South Korea, and a PhD in engineering design (2007) from Engineering Design Centre, University of Cambridge. Prior to his academic career, he worked at Samsung Electronics as a R&D engineer (1997-2000) and an internal innovative design consultant (2001-2003) specialising in TRIZ (Russian acronym for "Theory of Inventive Problem Solving").

He is a Co-founding Member of a Human Factors and Complex Systems Research Group, Associate Editor for BMC Health Services Research, Scientific Advisory Board/Reviewer for various design, human factors, healthcare-related journals and conferences (Applied Ergonomics, Ergonomics, World Innovation Summit for Health 2015) and Producer of a highly praised animation Two Contrasting Views of South Korea Ferry Accident.”

Further information about Thomas: Thomas' website

Thomas is leading / contributing to the following modules:


  • Ergonomics and Design of Artefacts (Module Organiser)
  • Ergonomics and Development of Complex Systems / Services (Module Organiser)
  • Human Factors in System Design (Contributing Lecturer)
  • BSc Ergonomics Projects (Contributing Lecturer)
  • Design Research Dissertation (Contributing Lecturer)


  • Healthcare Ergonomics and Patient Safety (Module Organiser)
  • Systems Ergonomics (Contributing Lecturer)
  • MSc Ergonomics Projects (Module Organiser)


Research group: Human Factors and Complex Systems.

His research interest has been in improving complex systems and service design processes through appropriate use of various human factors and service design methods. His previous research experience is concerned with systems safety in healthcare, maritime, railway and defence.

-       Systems Safety and Resilience Engineering

-       Service Design and Participatory Design

-       Design for Behaviour Change

-       Visual Mapping of Complex Systems and Services

-       Cognitive Work Analysis and Systems Modelling Language

-       System Dynamics Simulation

Potential research students interested in any of the areas described above are invited to contact Thomas directly.