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Fran Pilkington-Cheney

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PhD student

Fran gained her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Loughborough University, developing her interest in the area of sleep research. Gaining knowledge and experience within industry, Fran has worked as a researcher focusing on aspects of sleep, fatigue, and shift work, and how sleepiness is managed on a day-to-day basis. Fran’s PhD involves investigating individual strategies to counteracting sleepiness, predominantly in shift workers.

Principal research activities and interests:Studying aspects of fatigue and sleepiness, exploring the use of individual countermeasures to sleepiness and the knowledge and expectation that surrounds them.

Exploring the use of countermeasures to sleepiness within shift workers: a mixed methods approach.

This research aims to explore the use of individual countermeasures to sleepiness in shift workers. Using a mixed methods approach, preferences for products and strategies to alleviate feelings of sleepiness have been investigated. Consequently, knowledge and expectation surrounding these chosen countermeasures has been explored.

View the DesRes 2020 online proceedings here.

Sleep, sleepiness and fatigue research, quantitative and qualitative research methods, actigraphy, transport safety, human factors.