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Evita Papazikou Diploma of Civil Engineering, MSc in Transportation Planning

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PhD Student

Research assistant in SafetyCube Project

Full-time PhD student Evita Papazikou from Thessaloniki, Greece, is currently looking at safety critical driving scenarios and the crash development sequence. Her research aims to inform and enhance intelligent transport systems, especially in crash prediction with potential implementation in every stage of autonomy in driving.

Evita began her higher education career at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) with a Diploma (BSc & MEng) of Civil Engineering. She continued with an MSc (Excellent) in Planning, Organisation and Management of Transport Systems, in AUTH, where she completed her Master’s dissertation, “Investigation of mobility patterns of elderly pedestrians, regarding their, street & signalized crosswalk, crossing behaviour in the urban centre of Thessaloniki”

 She came to Loughborough Design School in October 2014, fully-funded by a Design School and Civil & Building Engineering Studentship, to study for her PhD.  In September 2015, she gained a sponsorship from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS, USA) providing further support to  her project. She is currently working as Research Assistant in SafetyCube Project.

Evita's current research interests are around crash risk modelling and crash avoidance systems with focus on lane keeping assistance and lane departure warning/prevention technologies.

She is a member of Safe and Smart Mobility Research Cluster (LDS) and also of Transport Studies group (CBE). 

Professor Pete Thomas (Design School)

Professor Mohammed Quddus (Civil &Building Engineering Department)

  • Papazikou E., Genitsaris E., Naniopoulos A., 2013. “Investigation of the mobility patterns of elderly in the urban area of Thessaloniki”. In: 6th International Congress on Transport Research, Thessaloniki, October 17th – 18th, 2013. 

“Analysing safety-critical driving scenarios through naturalistic driving studies and understanding the stages of crash development”

Transport engineering, transport planning, transportation systems, vulnerable road users, road safety, naturalistic driving studies, Statistical analysis and modelling, high integrity collision avoidance systems