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Dr Darren Southee

Photo of Dr Darren Southee

Senior Lecturer in Design

Programme Director MA Industrial Design & Technology

Darren received his PhD (innovative additive manufacturing processes for electronics), “The design and fabrication of printed batteries and low power indicator displays using offset lithography”, from Brunel University (Design).

He has a postgraduate Dip. Eng from the University of Hull for Electronic Product Design and a B.Eng(Hon) in Electronic Engineering.

Before coming to Loughborough, his 24 year academic career has included roles for Brunel University, Bournemouth University, Bradford University (United Arab Emirates) and the University of Lincoln. He was Course Director for the BA in Industrial Design & Technology at Brunel for seven years, a leading member of the Cleaner Electronics Research Group and spent time as Deputy Head of Design.

Prior to this he worked in the electronics industry, designing two electronic products, the TD201 Digital Storage Adapter (1987) and the TA320 Logic Analyser (1992), with sales across the globe. 

Darren is the Programme Director for the Postgraduate taught MA in Industrial Design & Technology. He teaches:

  • DSA007 Electronics for Design (Year 1 BSc)
  • DSB007 Further Electronics for Design(Year 2 BSc)
  • DSC006 Applications of Mechanics & Electronics for Design (Final year BSc)
  • DSC021 Design Research Dissertation (BSc/BA)
  • DSC026 FYDP (Final Year Design Practice – Project BSc)
  • DSP863 Major Project Research and Feasibility (Masters)
  • DSP859 Industrial Design Major Project (Masters)

Member of the Design for Digital Fabrication Research Group

Darren has been involved in research related to design and emerging technology across two decades. His research record in Printed Electronics and Design is strong with research funding (EU, EPSRC,..) awarded across a range of projects; milestones include the development of printed electronic sensors, batteries and displays and many peer-reviewed journal papers have now been published along with UK and International patents, providing a breakthrough towards the realisation of a fully printed electronic system with printed power. He is involved in research relating to Energy Storage (and capture) for smart textiles, peer -reviewed journal papers and a patent have been published and he has ongoing research and strategic interests in Design (and interdisciplinary) Education and also research related to Design Process, NPD and the global nature of Design.

Darren is an active member of the Design for Digital Fabrication Research Group (Design School) and the Energy Research Lab (Chemistry).