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Nikki Clark

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PhD Student

Packaging Design & Manufacture, Conceptual Design, Sustainable Design, Packaging Materials, Marketing, Branding, UK Food Manufacture, UK Food Supply Chain

With a first class BA (Hons) + DPS Industrial Design and Technology from Loughborough University Nikki went straight onto become a creative designer at Benson Group, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of carton board food and pharmaceutical packaging. During her time at Benson Group she developed a Design Department. Following completion of a CIM Marketing Diploma she developed a Marketing Department, managing both departments. Benson Group was bought out by Global carton manufacturer Graphic Packaging International and she became Marketing Manager for Europe.  

Nikki also has experience in primary thermoformed plastic packaging after working for LINPAC Packaging (now Klockner Pentaplast) to develop and manage their inhouse European marketing team, including a Conceptual Designer. This experience allowed Nikki to learn about rigid and flexible plastic packaging and broaden her food packaging knowledge.

A member of the Packaging Society and a judge for the Industry Starpack Awards, Nikki is well connected in the UK’s Packaging Industry.

Throughout Nikki’s professional career within the packaging industry she has wanted to reduce the environmental impact of packaging to a greater degree than she has been able to. Being able to focus on this area for her PhD research will allow Nikki to contribute to this important agenda.

In May 2019 Nikki obtained Fellowship in HEA, showing her commitment to teaching within HE.

Changing behaviour through packaging design.


Changing consumer behaviour within the context of packaging design and the UK food industry.

Nikki’s PhD research seeks to explore consumer behaviour with food packaging used out of the home, underpinned by an Augmented Model of Behaviour. This research will support packaging designers in developing solutions consumers will want to adopt, in the transition towards a Circular Economy.

View the DesRes 2020 online proceedings here.

Packaging Design & Manufacture; Sustainable Design; Consumer Behaviour; Circular Economy; Transformative Technologies; Packaging Materials; Marketing; Branding; UK Food Supply Chain.