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Claire Quigley

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Senior Researcher

After graduating from Loughborough University in 1997 with a BSc (Hons) in Ergonomics, Claire joined ICE Ergonomics at the University as a researcher in the Transport Unit, working on a number of UK government funded projects, investigating vehicle conspicuity and driver vision.

Since joining the Vehicle Safety Research Centre (now the Transport Safety Research Centre) in 2003 as a senior researcher, Claire has worked on a number of European Commission funded projects.  In the RISER project (Road Infrastructure for Safer European Roads), Claire’s main responsibilities included developing an in-depth database for single vehicle ‘run-off-the-road’ accidents and analysis of the data to obtain a greater understanding of the causes of single vehicle accidents, the types of objects struck when vehicles leave the road and the injury mechanisms.  In the EC TRACE project (Traffic Accident Causation in Europe), Claire was involved in developing an innovative human factors methodology for evaluating the role of human functional failures in road accidents and analysing European accident data to identify the main causes of accidents across Europe.

In the UK Department for Transport and Highways Agency co-funded On The Spot (OTS) project, Claire specialised in the appraisal of OTS cases to identify highway safety issues for motorists and vulnerable road users.

Claire recently worked on SaferBraIn, which was another EC funded project aiming to develop Innovative Guidelines and Tools for Vulnerable Road User Safety in Brazil and India, and she was responsible for co-ordinating the VSRC’s role in the project.

Claire’s current role is working on the UK Department for Transport’s current ‘road accident in-depth studies’ project, supporting the investigation team with training and specialising in highway safety and road design.

Claire is a graduate member of the Ergonomics Society.

DSP203 Roads and Infrastructure Design

DSP205 Crash Investigation

DSP206 Research Methods

Claire Quigley is a member of the Transport Collisions Research Group.


Research Interests

Accident analysis, accident causation, roadside infrastructure, highways design


Current and Recent Projects

  • Quigley, C. et al (2011). Draft Guidelines for Road Safety Management, Safe Infrastructure Design and Road Safety Audit. Deliverable 4.2 of EC SaferBraIn project.

  • Naing, C. et al., (2009). An Analysis of Speed-Related UK Accidents Using a Human Functional Failure Methodology. The 21st International Technical Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles Conference (ESV) - International Congress Centre, Stuttgart, Germany, June 15-18, 2009. Paper Number 09-0293.

  • Naing, C.L. et al, (2008). Single Vehicle Collisions in Europe: Analysis Using Real-World and Crash-Test Data. International Journal of Crashworthiness, 13 (2), pp.219-229.

  • Naing, C. et al., (2008). TRACE Deliverable 3.4 - Driving Task Related Factors. EC TRACE Project Report.

  • Naing, C. et al., (2007). TRACE Deliverable 5.2 - Which Factors and Situations for Human Function Failures? Developing Grids for Accident Causation Analysis. EC TRACE Project Report.

Key areas of expertise: Collision and injury causation, collision reconstruction, road and infrastructure design, highway safety issues, collision data analysis, human factors in transport safety