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Charlotte Jais BSc (Hons) Psychology MRes Psychology

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PhD Student

Charlotte is a PhD student from Ipswich, Suffolk. She has had a long standing interest in research involving mental health and wellbeing since embarking upon her BSc (Hons) Psychology degree at Sheffield Hallam University, which she completed in July 2012. Before starting her PhD, she also obtained her MRes Psychology degree at Loughborough University, which she finished in September 2014.

Charlotte started her PhD at Loughborough Design School in October 2014, and is funded by a Design Star studentship. She is currently looking at how human factors design can be used to improve dementia care environments. The aim of her research is to create a set of personas which represent the needs of older people at different stages of dementia, so that these can be used as a design aid in the development of dementia care homes. It is hoped that these personas will help to illustrate some of the difficulties that people with dementia face in a way which is meaningful for designers, so that they can design care environments which promote independence amongst people with dementia and boost their quality of life. 

Professor Sue Hignett

Professor Eef Hogervorst 

Human factors design for dementia care environments: Developing personas as a means of conveying the needs of people with dementia to designers.  

Areas of expertise: dementia, human factors, inclusive design, care home design, and dementia care environments.