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Anna Vlachaki BSc in Interior Design Decoration and Product Design, MA in Furniture and Product Design

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PhD Student

Anna is currently looking at the way that the design of prostheses can affect users lives and society’s attitudes towards users, with respect to the level of emotional-driven design prostheses have. Literature shows that culture affects to a great extent society’s attitudes towards people with limb-loss and towards the design of products; in order to explore the effects of culture, the study is conducted on two countries with different cultural contexts; those of the UK and Greece.

In 2014, Anna completed her undergraduate diploma in Athens (Greece), where she studied Interior Design, Decoration and Product Design (BSc). In 2015 she received a scholarship from Nottingham Trent University (UK), where she continued her studies on Furniture and Product Design (MA). Her dissertation/ thesis was “The design of prosthetic covers-The way that the design of the prosthetic covers can highlight the personality and the femininity of female amputees”.

In 2017 (January) she started as a full-time PhD student at Loughborough Design School, full-funded by Loughborough Design School (studentship).  

Research Group: Design for Digital Fabrication research group (D4DF)

Anna’s interest is on emotional design, research methods (both quantitative and qualitative methods), user-centre design, design for health, and design for social innovation.  

“Emotional-driven design of prostheses: Exploring the effects on users’ lives and society’s attitudes in the UK and Greece”

Design for emotion, Research Methods, Design for social innovation