Research Strengths

Sustainable Design

This group is involved in the development of cutting edge theory which advances the emerging field of sustainable design. We aim to facilitate the integration of sustainable practices into design, resulting in improvements in overall environment performance and quality of life.

Areas of expertise

  • Sustainable Design Education
  • Methods and Tools for Sustainable Design
  • Design for Sustainable Behaviour
  • Design for Happiness
  • Ecodesign / Sustainable Design Implementation
  • Responsible Design
  • Service Design
  • Sustainable Product Service Systems
  • Product Lifetime Extension
  • Design for Emotional Durability
  • Design Ethics
  • Social Innovation
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Education for Global Development
  • Domestic Energy Demand Reduction

Design for Happiness
New framework that contributes to peoples' happiness and well-bring through design.  Created by Dr Carolina Escobar-Tello, Design for Happiness offers bespoke workshops, using the framework, to help businesses, organisations and communities understand how they can transition towards more sustainable and happier lifestyles through the design of their products, services and systems. 

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Lufbra Service Design Jam
Annually people from over 100 countries worldwide come together to get involved in a friendly service design competition.  Teams have 48 hours to develop brand new services inspired by a shared theme before publishing them to the world.  The Loughborough leg sees students, staff and members of the public come together to get involved. 

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Social Issues Cards
Set of 31 hand held cards which have been designed to help all designers to consider relevant social issues in their design work.  The lead researcher for this project is Dr Vicky Lofthouse

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Low Effort Energy Demand Reduction Project
Between 2010 – 2014, a team of anthropologists, engineers and designers worked towards a deeper understanding of how energy and media consumption fit in to everyday practices and habits in home life. This external website presents some of the key outcomes of the ethnographic and design strands of that research

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Design Research Society (DRS) Sustainability Special Interest Group (SIG)
Sustainability SIG provides an international platform for researchers, design practitioners, design educators, students and the general public to exchange knowledge about design for sustainability.  The sustainability SIG is chaired by Dr Rhoda Trimingham.  The sustainabiltiy community connects, communicates, and collaborates through an online community and through a program of events and strands at international conferences. 



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