Research Strengths

Manufacturing on the go

Group: Design for Digital Fabrication

Project: CassaMobile

Transportable manufacturing system for industry

Sep 2013 - Aug 2016

€8.75 million

Dr Andrew Johnson

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The CassaMobile project aims to design and develop a mobile, flexible, modular, small-footprint manufacturing system in a transportable container that can be easily configured for different products and processes.

The container format allows transport to provide on-site manufacturing anywhere, enabling the benefits of localised service delivery without duplication of equipment at multiple locations. The modular system with standard interfaces allows easy exchange of process modules. Each module is equipped with its own control equipment and features a self-description, which in combination with the machine control system allows automatic configuration of the whole system.

The demonstrator system is being developed with modules for Additive Manufacturing, CNC milling, Assembly and Cleaning/sterilisation. Loughborough’s role is developing the Additive Manufacturing module including in-process inspection to improve accuracy, reduce waste and eliminate manual quality control tasks.

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