Research Strengths

Immunity Passport Service Design (IMMUNE)

Group: User Centred Design

Project: A user-centred approach to inform UK's national exit strategy from the lockdown

9 months commencing 2021


Panos Balatsoukas

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The IMMUNE project is funded by the UKRI / Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). The project is focusing on informing service design for immunity passports for COVID-19 by applying a user centred design approach.

This research project, which is led by the School of Design and Creative Arts, will produce new knowledge in the form of service design specifications (including blueprints, user journey maps and systems models) documenting the processes, technologies and other resources required for the design of services around immunity / vaccination passports in order to support everyday activities and especially travel, work and social life. The project will investigate what are the risks of implementing such services and how we can design appropriate interventions to mitigate any negative consequences to human rights and civil liberties. 

Partnering with Brunel University and funded by UKRI.