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Future Fashion

Group: Design for Digital Fabrication

Project: AM Textiles

Developing wearable 3D printed clothes & shoes with a major fashion house

November 2015 - May 2016


Dr Guy Bingham

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Yeh Textiles


Yeh Group



Working with an emminent fashion designer, this project is looking to produce a collection of two footwear and four clothing garments that have been produced using AM techniques.

The items will be full sized, coloured finished garments that have been designed by the emminent fashion designer himself.  The 3D design and manufacturing data will be produced at Loughborough University and the full scale concepts manufactured by EOS.

The aim of this collaborative project is to provide commercialisation and development opportunities for the extensive body of Intellectual Property (IP) surrounding Additive Manufactured (AM) textiles.

This will be achieved by proving the concept of AM clothing and footwear with industrial partners the Yeh Group who are willing to invest in the technology and pay royalties on sales if the concept is proven.

The impact of this work will be landmark and signal a step-change in textile, garment and footwear innovation that can be disseminated globally.

Please contact Dr Guy Bingham for more information.