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Crash data

Group: Transport Safety

Project: Co-operative Crash Injury Study (CCIS)

27 Years 1983 - 2010


Pete Thomas

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Led by Professor Pete Thomas and James Lenard at Loughborough University, the Co-operative Crash Injury Study (CCIS) investigated real life car accidents in the UK to understand car occupant injury causation. The study grew to be one of the largest and most well respected studies of its kind in the world.

In each investigation, a detailed examination of an accident-damaged car was correlated with the injuries to the car occupants. This provided an insight into how people are injured in car crashes.

Analysis of the CCIS data provided a unique insight into how car structures, restraints and advanced safety systems influence car occupant injury. This real world injury and vehicle information was used in a wide range of research and has been the foundation for many of the car safety improvements that have occurred since the study began.

CCIS data has directly influenced vehicle design improvements, legislation, consumer crash test programmes and test tool injury criteria. Data gathered for CCIS are now included in the current RAIDS study database.

You can contact Professor Pete Thomas to find out more about this project or his other research.