Research Strengths


Human Factors in Complex Systems

This group addresses the interactions between people, products, technologies, services, procedures, policies and culture which, when combined, form complex socio-technical systems.

Areas of expertise

  • Sustainable systems
  • Resilience engineering
  • Design and evaluation of jobs, tasks, work and service systems
  • Human factors aspects of health and safety
  • Risk assessment and risk management
  • Mapping, modelling and simulation of complex systems
  • Participatory ergonomics and service co-creation
  • Public safety
  • Patient safety
  • Health and safety in construction, manufacturing and service sectors
  • Accident analysis, investigation and prevention
  • Influencing attitudes towards health and safety
  • Work and ageing
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Academic & Research staff

PhD & MPhil students

  • Matt Whitehead
  • Eva-Marie Burford
  • Suzanne O'Connor
  • David Meyer
  • Bukky Mayomi
  • Carolyn Drake 
  • Ander Altuna
  • Nye Canham (mini DTC)
  • Kate Dixon (mini DTC)      
  • Eleanor Harvey (mini DTC) 
  • Rounaq Nayak (mini DTC) 
  • Siham Bentaleb (mini DTC)         
  • Mohammed Ibrahim Shire (mini DTC)
  • Simon Murray (part-time)
  • Nazim Ullah  (part-time)
  • Alison Watt (part-time)
  • Fernando Carvalho 
  • Cecilia Landa-Avila 
  • Marije de Haas 
  • Karin Boers 
  • Robin Hamer 
  • Matt Staton 

Recently completed PhDs

  • Carolyn Drake
  • Rounaq Nayak

Visiting Professors

  • Neil Budworth (Head of  Health, Safety and Risk, Loughborough University)
  • Mark Young (Rail Accident Investigation Branch)
  • Ron McLeod (Independent Safety Consultant)
  • Paul Salmon (University of the Sunshine-Coast, Australia)

Visiting Academics

  • Yiqing Ji