Leadership Summits

Experience Design Speakers

We welcome five speakers to the Leadership Summit, as Visiting Fellows to the University in conjunction with the IAS (Institute of Advanced Studies).

Prof. Paul Hekkert

Paul Hekkert is full professor of form theory and head of the Design Aesthetics group at the school of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology.

Summit Talk Title: "Experimental consequences beyond the product experience"

Paul conducts research on the ways products impact human experience and behavior. Paul serves as a member of the editorial boards of The Design Journal, Empirical Studies of the Arts, and the International Journal of Designan is co-founder and chairman of the Design and Emotion society and former chairman of the executive board of CRISP, a national collaborative research initiative for and with the Dutch creative industries. He is also member of the Dutch Creative Council and captain of science of the Top Sector Creative Industries.

His current research interest concentrates on the role of design in major social transformations in such diverse areas as energy use, sustainability, mobility, or health care. Paul firmly believes that designers have a range of special skills (e.g. imagination), capabilities (e.g. reframing) and methods (e.g. ViP) that make them perfectly suitable to lead such transformation processes. His research interest thus revolves around areas such as social design, social innovation, system design, and value-driven design.

Together with his colleagues Nynke Tromp, Marieke Sonneveld, and Jeroen van Erp, Paul has been involved in the development of a curriculum for a new and uniquely positioned design school in outer Delhi, India: The Design Village. TDV aims to train designers to take the courage and responsibility to transform society. After three years of preparations, the school opened its doors in Noida in 2016.

Prof. Paul Hekkert