Tengku Aisyah Zaharah

User Experience Design MA

Super Parents – A product for worried parents to ensure the safety of their toddlers.

This project was a finalist at the UXUK awards in the student category.

The main purpose of this project is to lower the anxiety levels of parents by reducing the number of accidents toddlers have within the home, using smart technology.

Super Parents is an app and product for worried parents that ensures their toddler is safe around the home. It is also an interactive system that can be used for play to enhance the toddler's home experience. 

Super Parents uses smart technology and consists of several important device features such as a wearable device for the toddlers, and small beacons that can be placed anywhere in the home to control the level of safety for the toddlers. There is also an app for the parents to use.

Super Parents provides a safe yet playful experience for the toddlers. It does not restrict the toddler’s movement but encourages the parents to stimulate their imagination and exploration, in an increasing way, as the toddler grows older.

The toddler wears the wearable device on their wrist or leg, allowing the parent to track their location via the app, and the parents are given the set of beacons which they can stick to areas they consider 'danger zones'.

The Super Parents App enables Parents to easily ‘keep an eye’ on their toddlers as the app sends them a notification when toddlers enters a danger zone. The parent can then stop them from going any further and harming themselves or the home. This reduces anxiety in parents so they can get on with their day to day chores around the home.

As well as highlighting the danger zones of the home, the product can be set to 'play mode'. Here the beacons are used to set parameters for games. Parents can use their imagination to create movement based games such as hide and seek or tag. The app also has game defaults for parents to select and play with their child.