Claire Varin

Year 2: Industrial Design & Technology BA

Second year project for Year 2 Design Practice module

Gaze: An Internet of Things infra-red baby monitor

This project required students to produce a new product which employs the connectivity of the 'Internet of Things' This product had to directly relate to a defined context such as healthcare, sports, travel etc. For the project students submitted; an A3 display board which explained their stylistic direction; a scenario board which explains why the product is needed and how it is used; a model to demonstrate how the manufactured article might appear in reality; concept sketches and a development package, i.e. showing and explaining thinking and the process taken.

What is it: Gaze is an Infra-red baby monitor allowing parents/carers to monitor a childs temperature when the child is left alone.
Why is it special: The monitor alerts the parents if the child is overheating or too cold through an app on their phone. 
How does it work: The baby monitor sits in the pouch which can be strapped onto almost anything. It uses an infrared camera to be able to see what part of the child is too hot and displays the temperature of the overall child on the app screen. You can also tap areas of the screen to see the temperatures of specific areas of the child. 
Why did you choose to do it: Babies don't know how to regulate their own body temperature and when they're left alone. Both sleeping in their cot or in the back seat of the car, the parents don't know if the child is okay. This could also help to prevent cot death as well as show if the child is getting a fever. 
What is it made from: The model is made from sapele wood and ProLab, and the pouch is made from natural felt and leather. As a manufactured product, the monitor would be made with injection molded polypropylene and injection molded polypropylene with a hydrographic print finish to make it look wooden.