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Hygiene behaviour

This network is designed to facilitate the sharing of ideas, research results and new developments concerned with hygiene behaviour in relation to the water supply and sanitation sector.

Full text versions of past newsletters:


Network Newsletter (No.2) - June 1995;



Network Newsletter (No. 3) - April 1996; and



Network Newsletter (No. 4) - January 1999.

School Sanitation

The School Sanitation and Hygiene Education (SSHE) Notes and News is part of the joing UNICEF /IRC global School Sanitationand Hygiene Education project. The notes and news focus on:


The dissemination of good practices



Current information; and



Knowledge and expreinces

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urther information contact:
Dr Eva Kaltenthaler,
ScHARR, University of Sheffield,
Regent Court,
30 Regent Street,
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Email: e.kaltenthaler@sheffield.ac.uk

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