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Dr Yan Chen

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Director of Applied Vision Research Centre

I have a background in Computer Science and Information Science coupled with Human Factors and I apply my knowledge to assist health professionals perform tasks to the best of their abilities, particularly in the radiology domain.  I completed a BEng degree in Computer Science at Central South University, China and an MSc in Information Science at Sheffield University,

Following this I came to Loughborough University where I became fascinated by Radiology and started my PhD studying the performance of radiologists during breast cancer screening.  I then completed a PhD on ‘Intelligent Computing Applications Based on Eye Gaze: their role in mammographic interpretation training’.  During this time I carried out numerous experiments; both across the UK and also in America and China, where I examined aspects of radiological behaviour when inspecting breast screening mammograms.  During this research I became involved in the PERFORMS breast screening project and started to work as a Research Associate on the project from 2010.  In 2012 I was appointed the Research Manager of this project as well as becoming a Senior Research Associate. 

In 2014, I was awarded honorary membership of the Royal College of Radiologists.

I am the Director of Applied Vision Research Centre where I run and co-ordinate research, both within the PERFORMS self-assessment scheme in breast cancer (a national research project of Public Health England Breast Screening Programme) and in other domains. My interest in breast screening spans FFDM, DBT, CESM, MRI and ultrasound imaging.

My research primarily focuses on how to improve the radiological identification of early sign of cancer.  It concentrates upon: 1) the potential use of eye movement information for future training in interpreting mammograms; 2) the potential for providing computer-based interpretation training using low-cost and hand-held devices.  Current work is also extending this into breast tomosynthesis (DBT).  I am also working on lung cancer screening,  CT colonoscopy screening and most recently personalized screening.

  • Breast Cancer Screening
  • Computer Aided Detection (CAD) for mammography
  • Personalize Screening
  • Visual perception in Radiology
  • Prostate Cancer Screening (mpMRI)
  • Honorary Member of Royal College of Radiologists:
  • Honorary Member of the British Society of Breast Radiology
  • Member of the Medical Imaging Perception Society (MIPS)
  • SPIE Medical Imaging International Conference committee member
  • Invited visiting researcher, American Board of Radiology 2011, 2012