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Postgraduate research

Percy Reyes

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PhD Research Student

Start date of studies: 01 October 2020

Supervisor(s): Dr Ana Salagean & Dr Robert Mercaș

Research areas: Cryptography: cryptographic Boolean functions, planar functions, APN functions, number theory, finite fields, stream ciphers, algebraic aspects of cryptography.


He also holds a Master degree (with Distinction) in Advanced Computer Science at Loughborough University, UK (2018-2019) and he won the MSc project prize with the highest mark. Also, he received a Bachelor degree (with Distinction) in Systems Engineering at National University of Trujillo, Peru (2003-2007). Furthermore, he has been a senior Microsoft SQL Server Database Administrator (DBA) for over 15+ years and has achieved many Microsoft certifications on database management.

Besides his passion for database query processing and distributed database systems, he is very keen on cryptography, algorithmic cryptanalysis, number theory, and algebraic aspects of cryptography. More precisely, block cyphers and stream cyphers have to face multiple types of attacks such as differential attacks and algebraic attacks, respectively. These attacks exploit vulnerabilities in some properties of Boolean functions, so his research is intended to work out some solutions to make these properties resistant to these attacks.

Nowadays, cryptographic Boolean functions is the most important research area he is interested in and what he is going to be working on for years to come. 

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