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2017 seminars

17 March 2017

COSHER: Compact Self-Healing Routing Algorithms

Presented By Dr Amitabh Trehan, Lecturer, Department of Computer Science, Loughborough University
  • 1.30pm
  • N.1.12, Haslegrave Building
24 March 2017

Let's make the Internet great again!

Presented By Dr Arjuna Sathiaseelan is a Senior Research Associate at the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge
  • 1.00pm
  • N.1.12, Haslegrave Building
7 April 2017

Mobile edge computing and communication through scalable information-centric networking

Presented By Dr Martin Reed, Senior Lecturer at the University of Essex
  • 3.00pm
  • N.1.12, Haslegrave Building
25 May 2017

Creating Robots That Care

Presented By Prof Maja Matarić (University of Southern California)
  • 3.00pm
  • SCH105
26 May 2017

Deep learning based approach for medical image classifications

Presented By Prof. Xiaohong (Sharon) Gao of Middlesex University
  • 12pm
  • N317
23 June 2017

Inferring Visual Contracts for Reverse Engineering and Model Transformation

Presented By Dr Reiko Heckel, University of Leicester
  • N.1.12, Haslegrave Building
5 July 2017

Distributed Computing with Channel Noise

Presented By Prof Jared Saia, University of New Mexico
  • N.1.12, Haslegrave Building
6 October 2017

Verification of resource-bounded multi-agent systems

Presented By Prof Natasha Alechina of University of Nottingham
  • N.1.12, Haslegrave Building
10 November 2017

Trading query complexity for sample-based testing and multi-testing scalability

Presented By Dr Oded Lachish, Birkbeck
  • N.1.12, Haslegrave Building
17 November 2017

Searching in Uncertain Texts

Presented By Dr Solon Pissis, Department of Informatics at King's College London
  • N.1.12, Haslegrave Building
8 December 2017

Scheduling Shared Continuous Resources on Many-cores

Presented By Dr Lars Nagel, Loughborough University
  • SCH.0.13