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28 February 2019

Women in Science Lecture Series - Talk 2

Presented By Dr Daniela Iacopino, Staff Research in the Nanotechnology Group of the Tyndall National Institute
  • Starting with lunch at 12.30pm in the Foyer, followed by talk 1 from 1.00pm to 1:40pm and talk 2 from 1:50pm to 2:30pm in DAV.1.102.
  • DAV1.102 Sir David Davies Building
  • Ticket Information

    The event is free to attend, however booking is required for catering purposes.

    To book:

    • School of Science staff: Respond to calendar invite sent by Sci-Executive Support
    • Anyone from outside the School: Please email 

About this event

BIO: Dr Daniela Iacopino obtained her master degree in Chemistry from Universitá di Pavia in 1995 and a PhD in Chemistry from Universitá di Modena in 2000. Between 2000 and 2002 she worked as postdoctoral fellow in the Dept. of Chemistry of University College Dublin. Since 2006 she has been a staff researcher in the Nanotechnology group of the Tyndall National Institute where she currently leads the “Integrated Nanomaterials” team. Her research interests focus on the synthesis of nanomaterials and manipulation of their opto-electronic properties for sensing applications.

Talk 1 - Research Talk:

From art conservation to food quality monitoring: an exploration of the many applications of functional materials

In this talk I will introduce the fascinating properties of plasmonic nanomaterials and will show their application as Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) diagnostic probes. Specifically, I will show fabrication routes and applications in contemporary art diagnostic, drug of abuse detection and food quality monitoring. The last part of the talk will be dedicated to the fabrication of novel sensors based on Laser Scribed Graphene (LIG) techniques and the widening of applications associated to formation of hybrid LIG/plasmonic structures.

Talk 2 - Career Talk:

How I ended up becoming what I am. What am I?

In this talk I will reflect on the reasons behind my choices, which shaped my current career profile. As my job is increasingly becoming different from “what I signed up for” I will explore successes and failures which have determined how I ended up becoming what I am.