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30 November 2018

Research Seminar: H2020 Wi-5 – What to do with the Wi-Fi Wild West?

Presented By Dr Michael Mackay (Liverpool John Moores University)
  • 14:00-15:00
  • WAV.1.20 Wavy Top Building

About this event


The last few years have witnessed a significant increase in the use of portable devices, especially smartphones and tablets thanks to their functionality, user-friendly interface, and affordable price.  Most of these devices use Wi-Fi Access Points (AP) where possible.  In this context, the Wi-5 Project proposes an architecture based on an integrated and coordinated set of smart solutions able to efficiently reduce interference between neighbouring APs and provide optimised connectivity for new and emerging services.  Cooperating mechanisms have been integrated into Wi-Fi equipment at different layers of the protocol stack to support seamless hand-over to improve user experience, develop new business models to optimise available Wi-Fi spectrum, and Integrate novel smart functionalities into APs to address radio spectrum congestion and current usage inefficiency.  This presentation will outline the main results of the Wi-5 project which ran from 2015 until 2018.



M. Mackay received his Ph.D. degree in IPv6 transition management from Lancaster University in 2005.  He has been a Senior Lecturer with the Department of Computer Science at Liverpool John Moores University since 2010.  His main research areas currently include cloud networking, IoT and smart applications, and wireless spectrum management.  He has +50 publications in a range of topics relating to networking and has many years’ experience working on a range of national/international research projects including the FP5 6NET Project, FP6 Enthrone and EC-GIN projects, and the recently completed H2020 Wi-5 project.