Welcome new students

Before you arrive - Tasks to be completed

As part of your preparation, we have devised two tasks which we would like you to attempt; Task 1 – IT Skills & Task 2 - Safety in the Laboratory. You will have an opportunity to obtain further help, if required, on these tasks during your induction day.

Task 1 – IT Skills. This task requires you to complete a selection of IT tasks on an unformatted Laboratory report. Please attempt all tasks. Below you will see three documents (1) an unformatted report in Word format, (2) a Master copy of a formatted report, (3) a list of IT tasks. An opportunity to obtain additional help and guidance on these tasks is available during Induction day on 28 September 2018. See Induction Day Programme for details. Deadline for completion is Friday 12 October 2018.

Please note this is not assessed, however, familiarising yourself with these IT skills will save you considerable time and effort when it comes to writing assignments.

You can find the link to LEARN below. Please sign into LEARN using your Loughborough IT credentials and access the ‘Chemistry’ LEARN page. On this page you will find the pre-arrival tasks module and you will need to use Lear to complete a health and safety quiz before entering the lab (further details on this quiz will be emailed to you).

Task 2 – Safety within the Laboratory This task requires you to read the Waste Disposal document and access the Interactive Lab Primer link provided.