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Dr Tamer Shoeib

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Visiting Research Fellow

Ph.D. (Mass Spectrometry & Computational Chem.) York University, Canada, Dec. 2002

B.Sc. (Chemistry Specialized Honors) York University, Canada, June 1997

Analytical chemistry, biophysical chemistry and molecular structure with the goal of understanding the structure, reactivity, and function of metal-containing bio-molecules. Current research focus includes the following areas:

  • Mechanisms of metal-containing amino acid and peptide ion fragmentation
  • Metal cation-π interactions and molecular radical cations of peptides
  • Zwitterion and Salt-bridge Structures
  • Computational Chemistry

Selected publications:

  1. Towards the Characterization of Metal Binding Proteins in Metal Enriched Yeast. T. Shoeib and Z. Mester, Microchemical Journal 200785, 329-340.
  2. A Study of Oxaliplain-Nucleobase interactions using Electrospray Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry. S. L. Kerr, T. Shoeib, B. L. Sharp, Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 2008391, 2339-2348.
  3. A Structural and Free Energy Analysis of Ag+ complexes to Five Small Peptides. T. Shoeib and B. L. Sharp, Inorg. Chim. Acta2009362, 1925-1934. 
  4. Structural Analysis of the anti-arthritic drug Auranofin, its complexes with cysteine and selenocysteine as well as their fragmentation products. T. Shoeib, D. W. Atkinson and B. L. Sharp, Inorg. Chim. Acta. 2010, 363, 184-192. 
  5. Determination of Pt-DNA adducts and the sub-cellular distribution of Pt in human cancer cell lines and the leukocytes of cancer patients, following mono- or combination treatments, by inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometry. A. Zayed,T. Shoeib, S.E. Taylor, G.D. Jones, A. L. Thomas, J. P. Wood, H. J. Reid, B. L. Sharp, Int. J. Mass Spec. 2011307, 70-78. 
  6. Speciation of Oxaliplatin Adducts with DNA Nucleotides. A. Zayed, G. D. Jones, H. J. Reid, T. Shoeib, S. E. Taylor, A. L. Thomas, J. P. Wood, B. L. Sharp, Metallomics,20113, 991-1000.

Selected Invited Talks: 

  1. Silver-Ammonia Clusters in the Gas Phase:  Evidence from Mass Spectrometric and Theoretical studies.  Presented at the University of Bath, Bath, United Kingdom, August 2000.
  2. A Structural and Free Energy Analysis of Ag+ Complexes to five Small Peptides. Presented at the Theory and Applications of Computational Chemistry, Shanghai, China, 2008.
  3. Towards modeling polyimides polymers and other polymer nanocomposites. Presented at the International Institute for Multifunctional Materials for Energy Conversion,College Station,Texas,U.S.A.January 2010

Journal Refereeing:

  1. Journal of Physical Chemistry
  2. Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry
  3. Environmental Science and Technology
  4. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry

Mentor NSF Graduate Stem Fellows Program, Sept. 2010