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Dr Stephen Summerfield

Photo of Dr Stephen Summerfield

Visiting Analytical Chemistry Lecturer

A comprehensive background in both industry and academia. Visiting Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry since 2001. Currently setting up and training staff in a number of international laboraties.

The detection of pesticides, PAHs, phenols heavy metals and other pollutants in both soil and water. This has been in association with the remediation of soil and water.

Product Formulation
Over a decade of experience in the formulation of industrial cleaning products, fertilisers, pesticides and remediation products.

Dyes and Fluorescent Labels
An extensive background and consultancy in the characterisation of dyes and their uses. Over the last 16 years surveyed over 2500 chromophores for their chemical and physical characteristics.

Science Education
Investigating the use of problem based learning, statistics and online learning within science and medicine. Published a number of papers and case studies including those on Dyslexia.