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Muhammad Shaban

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Research Associate

Muhammad Shaban graduated from Pakistan in 2011 with a BSc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. He secured a fully funded scholarship from Brunei Darussalam to obtain MSc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering in 2016. Later in the same year, he secured funding from Loughborough University to study for PhD. In January 2021, he started to work as PDRA with Professor Upul Wijayantha on JUICED Hub and Hydrogen Generating.

Muhammad’s current research area of interest Methane cracking in which he is designing high temperature reactor for hydrogen generation. He is also interested in plasma chemistry, carbon dioxide reduction and utilisation.

  • Active member of working committee for PUJA-ITB student chapter (2015/2016).
  • Student member of PUJA “Young Engineers association Brunei” (Since 2014).
  • Student member of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering IEEE (Since 2015).
  • Registered Engineer with Pakistan engineering council (Since 2011).

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