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Joana Baptista

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Research Associate in Supercapacitor Materials and Devices

Joana Baptista obtained her MSc in 2016, in Energy and Environmental Engineering, at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (Portugal). In 2017 she started her PhD in Sustainable Energy Systems, a doctoral programme in partnership with MIT Portugal and the Foundation for Science and Technology. Her work, supervised by Professor Killian Lobato and by Professor Upul Wijayantha, focused primarily on extending the energy density of supercapacitors operating with aqueous electrolytes. Joana has been a visiting research student at Loughborough University since 2019 and in April 2021 she started a position as a Research Associate in Supercapacitor Materials and Devices, under the supervision of Professor Upul Wijayantha. 

  • Energy Storage - Supercapacitors.
  • Energy Systems and Renewable Energy – Solar resource and PV generation forecast.

J. Monteiro Baptista, J. S. Sagu, U. Wijayantha K. G. and K. Lobato, “State-of-the-art materials for high power and high energy supercapacitors: Performance metrics and obstacles for the transition from lab to industrial scale – A critical approach,” Chemical Engineering Journal, vol. 374, 2019, pp. 1153–1179.



R. Amaro e Silva, J. Monteiro Baptista, and M. C. Brito, “Data-driven estimation of expected photovoltaic generation,” Sol. Energy, vol. 166, no. January, pp. 116–122, 2018.