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Dahlia Salman

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Postdoctoral Research Associate

Dahlia is a postdoctoral research associate who is currently working with Professor Paul Thomas at the Department of Chemistry/Loughborough University. She is currently working on the East Midlands Breathomics Pathology Node (EMBER) project, which is a multidisciplinary research project focused on the development and application of non-invasive diagnostic technologies for the molecular characterisation of exhaled VOCs. 

Analytical Chemistry, Biomarkers, Breath Analysis, Metabolomics, Data Processing

  • Committee member of the Joint Pharmaceutical Analysis Group/Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry  
  • Associate Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy


  • Developing analytical systems and processing clinical breath samples. It also involves in-clinic sampling, mass spectrometric techniques and multi-variate data analysis.
  • Study, evaluate and develop data processing processes and procedures for breath data.
  • Design and enact rigorous statistical process control for research instruments deployed to clinics and other research centres.
  • Liaise with clinical partners to design and enact in-clinic experimental studies to optimise recovery of diagnostic molecular markers from breath samples for in-situ analysis by GC-IMS.
  • Monitor proficiency testing and statistical-process-control data and lead pre-emptive interventions to minimise and supress project disruption from validation and /or instrument failures.