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22 Oct 2018

BLOG POST: Stephanie Rankin-Turner - Taking my research to the other side of the world

Chemistry PhD student Stephanie Rankin-Turner has written a blog post about her experiences taking her research to the University of Yamanashi, Japan, as part of the UK cohort in the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) summer research programme.

Describing her summer in Japan as "one of the highlights of [her] career to date" and praising the support of her academic colleagues at Yamanashi, Stephanie goes on to recommend the JSPS programme to other PhD researchers as a way of experiencing working life "in another lab and another country" and gaining new perspectives and networking opportunities.

Last month, Stephanie was awarded the prestigious British Mass Spectrometry Society prize for her research project that resulted in the development of a new device for investigating fingerprints in situ at crime scenes.

You can read her blog post in full here.