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12 Aug 2014

Chemistry rated highly for student satisfaction in National Student Survey

Student satisfaction at Loughborough has increased again, according to the latest National Student Survey, published on 12 August - with the Department of Chemistry achieving 95% overall satisfaction.

The annual survey asks final year undergraduate students to rate their satisfaction with various aspects of their degree programme – the teaching, assessment and feedback, academic support, organisation and management, learning resources, personal development and their overall satisfaction.

In each of these areas Loughborough’s results are higher than the UK sector average.

Eighty-nine percent of Loughborough’s students, compared with a national average of 86%, are satisfied overall with their course, placing the University in the top 15% of the UK’s 156 higher education institutions.

Loughborough Students’ Union also achieved a 90% satisfaction rating.

Loughborough students rated the University particularly well for its learning resources, with 92% of them, compared with the UK average of just 85%, saying they were satisfied with the library resources, the IT services and the specialist facilities and equipment.

Eighty-eight percent of Loughborough students were also satisfied with the organisation and management of their course, significantly ahead of the sector average of 79%.

Almost 77% of Loughborough’s final year undergraduates took part in the survey, compared withthe national average response rate of 71%.

The Department of Chemistry is rated very highly in the survey:


  • 95% Overall Student Satisfaction
  • Ranked 3rd in the UK for Overall Satisfaction
  • 1st for 'Teaching on my Course'
  • 1st for 'Assessment and Feedback',
  • 1st for 'Academic Support'
  • 1st for 'Organisation and Management'
  • 1st for 'Learning Resources'
  • 1st for 'Personal Development' (Mean Scores)


These results highlight the exceptional academic environment that the Department has worked hard to create in terms of its teaching, study facilities and providing development opportunities for students. Many students have commented positively on the amount of time spent on practical laboratory work and on the friendly community that has been built within the Department.

Dr Roberto King, a graduate of the Department who now lectures at Loughborough said, "I think the most enjoyable aspect of my degree was the almost ‘family’ type feel I got from my time spent in the Department of Chemistry. There was certainly a sense of belonging passed onto the students and I made a lot of friends both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The degree programme was well structured with timely lectures integrating into lab classes. The equipment on site is superb and staff were only too pleased to help as and when required."

The Department's ratings in the NSS also reflect the excellent work that has been done within departments to both encourage and respond to student feedback.