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11 Mar 2013

The Loughborough Scientist

Loughborough University has produced the second edition of ‘Loughborough Scientist’; a magazine designed to provide science teachers with ready-to-use, curriculum-based classroom and homework activities.

The magazine aims to inspire a generation of young people to pursue science from A Level study through to degree level and beyond. All homework and classroom activities are written by Loughborough academics, undergraduate and postgraduate students and students have the opportunity to submit their solutions to these activities into national competitions to win sought after prizes.

As well as providing a valuable resource for teachers, our magazine aims to capture the imagination of students by placing the spotlight on science at Loughborough University.

The theme for this edition is Inventions and Discoveries which ties in well with the National Science and Engineering week currently running at Loughborough University. It celebrates the ‘everyman’ scientist and inventor to highlight the Science and Engineering behind the nation’s favourite gadgets.

National Science and Engineering Week is running from 15-24 March.

Download the 'Loughborough Scientist'