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19 Jul 2012

Island Chemists

Congratulations to Dr Mark Jones and Dr Williams in the delivery of the first “Island Chemist” initiative to provide advanced analytical support to some of the most remote schools and chemistry students in the UK. Anderson High School in the Shetland Isles, Sandown Bay Academy, Isle of White and Ballackermeen High School, Isle of Man all took part in this programme.

A totally automated and personalised analytical support service was set up for the students to enable them to receive analytical reports on the chemical products they had sought to synthesis.

The response from the schools has been fantastic and we hope to be able to keep this going and expand it.

”We are delighted with the spectra our students have received back. It is easily accessible and a superb service to have for the more outlying school communities in the British Isles. Our students do not have the opportunity of visiting a "local university" to see spectra run or have a go themselves. This has really enlivened the teaching of spectral analysis for us. Many thanks for involving us in your project”
Marion Yeaman, Anderson High School, Shetland Isles

“The students were very excited about seeing actual levels of compounds in their samples and myself and another member of staff are using the HPLC and FTIR for teaching aids now with the students as it is part of the AS and A2 edexcel courses. Thank you from Ballakermeen high school”
Andrew Hotham, Ballakermeen High School, Isle of Man

“Thank you. The pupils were very pleased to have their samples analysed. It confirmed how well they had performed the experiment and showed the importance of the use of these analytical techniques in everyday lab situations and how they relate to actual research projects”
Andrew Smith, Sandown Bay Academy, Isle of Wight