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3 Dec 2012

Invitation to be Academic Lead for the CO2 Chem Fuels Cluster

Most of what we need for a sustainable future is to be found in the air we breathe. All we have to do is figure out how to exploit this super abundant resource safely and sustainably.

Dr Ben Buckley has been undertaking research in to Artificial Photosynthesis with others in our Department and now is an Academic Lead and Champion for the CO2 Chem Fuels Cluster.

Ben will lead and facilitate the development of a research agenda to address the challenges below, and build collaborations and proposals to be put forward to the EPSRC and other funding bodies

  • Systems approaches to CCU integration
  • Carbon Capture for utilisation
  • Electrocatalysis in CCU
  • Structural and Functional Polymers production from CO2
  • Solvents and Synthons production from CO2
  • Fuels (including methanol, ethane, methane & high density liquid fuels) production from CO2
  • Bio Transformations (including artificial photosynthesis)
  • Mineralisation processes providing long-term carbon storage solutions

Well done Ben and good Luck!

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