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24 February 2021

Seminar - Photoinduced Symmetry-Breaking Charge Transfer

Presented By Prof. Eric Vauthey (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

About this event


A significant number of multichromophoric systems and multipolar conjugated molecules undergo photoinduced charge transfer along one among several energetically equivalent pathways, resulting in a breaking of their symmetry.[1] Understanding and harnessing these processes is crucial for developments and applications in various areas including solar energy conversion and molecular electronics. Several of our efforts towards such a comprehension of the origins and dynamics of these symmetry-breaking phenomena will be presented.

Photoinduced charge separation between two identical sub-units will be illustrated by studies on perylene-based bichromophoric molecules.[2] They reveal the importance of the environment for the direction of the charge separation and of the coupling of the sub-units for the extent of asymmetry in charge distribution.

Excited-state symmetry breaking in quadrupolar and octupolar D-(pi-A)2,3 or A-(pi D)2,3 molecules leads to a dipolar character of their electronic excited state.[3] We will show how this process can be directly visualised using time-resolved spectroscopy.[4] The influence of various parameters, such as solute-solvent interactions and structural disorder, on the symmetry breaking will be discussed.[5,6] Finally, the relevance of this process to the photochemistry of multipolar molecules will be addressed.[7]

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