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13 November 2019

Research Seminar: An introduction to molecular-scale thermoelectricity

Presented By Prof. Colin Lambert (Lancaster University)

About this event


Experimental evidence of the effect of quantum interference on the room-temperature electrical conductance of single-molecules opens the possibility of exploiting quantum interference in single molecules and self-assembled molecular layers.

In this talk, I will present a brief outline of current understanding of quantum interference in organic molecules and then discuss how quantum interference can be exploited to increase the thermoelectric performance of single molecules and assemblies of molecules connected to nano-gap electrodes. Realisation of such materials would allow the generation of electricity from waste heat via the Seebeck effect, which is silent, environmentally friendly and requires no moving parts. Results will be presented for the thermoelectric properties of  metallo-porphyrins, endohedral fullerenes and oligoynes.