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Dr Steve Tarleton BEng PhD

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Senior Lecturer

Director of Studies for Chemical Engineering


I am an internationally recognised expert with more than 30 years’ experience in filtration and separation.  I obtained a first degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Liverpool (1983) and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Exeter (1986).  Following a period as a Research Fellow at the University of Exeter I moved to Loughborough University (1991) to become a lecturer and have since lectured, provided workshops and undertaken consultancy throughout the world.  Highlights include:

  • Undertaken research and consultancy for a diverse range of companies and government sponsors – sectors include air and liquid pollution control, automotive, chemical, food and drink, hydraulics, minerals, mining, nuclear, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and water
  • Authored 6 books
  • Authored Filter Design Software which is used by ca. 60 companies around the world for filtration equipment selection, scale-up and simulation
  • Authored more than 100 technical papers
  • Presented research papers at numerous international conferences, including several plenary and keynote lectures
  • Received independent awards for research excellence 

Key awards:

  • The Suttle Award, The Filtration Society (1988)
  • Senior Moulton Medal, The Institution of Chemical Engineering (1991)
  • The Gold Medal, The Filtration Society (1993, 1997)


  • PhD Chemical Engineering University of Exeter
  • BEng Mechanical Engineering University of Liverpool

Current teaching responsibilities:

  • CGA004 Laboratory
  • CGA006 Heat Transfer
  • CGB018 Plant Engineering
  • CGC001 and CGD045 Individual Process Design Project
  • CGC042 Pollution Control
  • CGC038 and CGD046 Team Process Design Project
  • CGD058 and CGP058 Filtration

Current administrative responsibilities:

  • Director of Studies in Chemical Engineering
  • Chair: Chemical Engineering Teaching and Learning Committee
  • Member: ACCME School Teaching and Learning Committee
  • Member: Chemical Engineering Staff-Student Committee
  • Member: University Academic Misconduct Committee

Outline of main research interests:

  • Selection, scale-up and process modelling of filtration equipment
  • Cake filtration (compressible, variable pressure/mechatronics, binary systems, modelling)
  • Post treatment processes (washing, deliquoring, expression)
  • Force field assisted separation (electrical, ultrasonic)
  • Gas filtration
  • Membrane separation (micro-, ultra- and nano-filtration, aqueous and non-aqueous)

Selected publications:

  • Tarleton E.S., 2014. Progress in Filtration and Separation – Fundamentals and Core Principles, Academic Press, London, 700 pages.
  • Tarleton E.S. and Wakeman R.J., 2006. Solid/Liquid Separation: Equipment Selection and Process Design, Elsevier, Oxford, xv + 448 pages.
  • Tarleton E.S., Robinson J.P., Smith S.J. and Na J.J.W., 2005. New experimental measurements of solvent induced swelling in nanofiltration membranes, J. Membrane Science, 261(1-2), 129-135.
  • Robinson J.P., Tarleton E.S., Millington C.R. and Nijmeijer A., 2004, Solvent flux through dense polymeric nanofiltration membranes, J. Membrane Science, 230, 29-37.
  • Tarleton E.S. and Wakeman R.J., 1993 and 1994. Understanding flux decline in crossflow microfiltration: Part 1, 2 and 3, Trans IChemE, 71(A), 399-410; 72(A), 431-440; 72(A), 521-529.

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External roles and appointments:

  • Honorary Secretary of the Filtration Society
  • Past Chairman of The Filtration Society
  • Editor Filtration journal
  • UK representative of INDEFI

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